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Top 10 Attractions in Napa Valley

10. Castello di Amorosa

What better way to kick off your travels to Napa Valley than with a trip to a historic winery in a Tuscan castle?! This sweet Top 10 Napa Valley adventure will get your winelove flowing and give you a taste of the region’s rich history. Offering guided or self-guided tours with or without wine tasting, you can personalize your royal excursion! The first thing on your Napa bucket list should be filling said bucket with delicious Napa wine. Open daily 9:30 AM – 6 PM. 

9. Lake Berryessa

Break out those bikinis! Is the ocean water too salty and your fear of sharks at an all time high? Head to Lake Berryessa, nestled in the Vaca Mountains and owning the title of Napa County’s largest lake (without much competition). The brilliant blue water reaches temperatures upwards of 75 degrees, making it perfect for any water sport your heart desires. With places for fishing, boating, and camping, this is one Top 10 Napa Valley landmark you don’t want to miss! Life’s better at the lake.   

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8. Roman Spa Resort

Easily gracing our Top Ten Napa Valley attractions is the ultimate form of relaxation and pampering: a day at the spa. Calistoga is Napa Valley’s hot spring gem and the site of a multitude of utterly soothing activities. Come experience warm mineral pools, mud baths, and massages in the comforting California heat. With packages for singles, couples, families, you name it, there is no restriction on relaxation here. Visit the The Baths at Roman Spa and you’ll leave feeling spa-tacular! Open daily 9 AM – 5 PM. 

7. Stevenson State Park

Creeping in to Napa County from neighboring Sonoma and Lake counties is Robert Louis Stevenson State Park: an expansive park named after the famous author of Treasure Island. For all you nature-loving travelers, this Top 10 Napa Valley attraction is packed to the brim with evergreen trees, rock formations, and other various rough terrain. Conquer the 5-mile hike to the top of Mount St. Helena and be rewarded with breathtaking views of Napa Valley and Sonoma regions. Once you get out there, you’ll never want to leaf. 

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6. Eagle Vines

Fancy a little golf with that wine? Eagle Vines  has got you covered. Serving up the best local vintages along with stunning views of the valley, Eagle Vines Golf Club can be fun even for those who could maybe use a little practice with the 'ol putter. The friendly locals would love to have you 'a round' we just know it, just don't let anything drive a wedge between you. Open daily 6:30 AM - 7 PM.

5. Artesa Winery

No trip to Napa Valley would be complete without a lot (and we mean a lot) of wine. The good people at Artesa Vineyards and Winery strive to make every sip magical and your experience unforgettable. Boasting big red wines and simply delicious white wines, there is a little something for everyone at this precious Top 10 Napa Valley wineries. Come sip your troubles away, there’s nothing to wine about here. Open daily 10 AM - 5 PM.

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4. Skyline Wilderness Park

Earning the wilderness badge for our Top Ten Napa Valley attractions is Skyline Wilderness Park, where adventure awaits! This gorgeous 850-acre area offers over 25 miles of hiking, biking, and horseback trails and features a native plant garden—isn’t nature neat? Come hang out for the whole day or take a walk between wine tastings, either way you’ll see some beautiful sights (some more blurry than others). Open daily 8 AM – 7 PM.

3. Schramsberg Vineyards

Napa Valley: where it’s always wine o’clock. This quaint, historic Top 10 Napa Valley landmark was founded in 1862 and is overflowing with charm. Schramsberg Vineyards specializes in sparkling wine—made à la champagne—a local fave. While the bubbles are tickling your fancy, you can take a tour through the caves built into the mountainside, housing upwards of 3 million bottles at any given time. A true wino’s dream! Open daily 9:30 AM – 4 PM. 

2. Petrified Forest

California is the proud home of super cool, behemoth Redwood trees towering over vast stretches of rolling hillsides. But the Petrified Forest takes cool to a whole new level: these trees were turned to stone by a massive volcanic eruption over 3 million years ago! Walk through the mystical stone forest and Top 10 Nanp Valley attractions and check out the beautiful wildflowers—it’s a sight you don’t want to miss! May the forest be with you, travelers. Open daily 10 AM – 5 PM in the winter season, 6 PM in spring and fall, and 7 PM in summer. 

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1. The Hess Collection

We couldn’t keep wine out of the number one spot for our Top 10 Napa Valley attractions! The Hess Collection Winery & Art Museum offers so much more than delicious wine (but still, a lot of wine). This gorgeous winery is housed in a historic building and boasts a contemporary art museum for its culture-seeking patrons. Did we mention The Hess is internationally known for it’s stellar wine? Come experience wine, elevated. Open daily 10 AM – 5:30 PM. 

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